Parents must be stopped

I wrote this in response to my son’s complaints about Facebook’s accessibility to everyone.


Facebook initially started out as a site for college students to network with each other.  It was first limited to Harvard, then branched out to other Ivy League schools, and then it expanded to include various other universities.  It should have stopped there and remained as an elite site for only the most educated among the population.  Instead, it opened up to high school students, and then finally to everyone, including, parents.  

The parents have absolutely ruined the site.  They get on there with their old-fashioned advice,  lame jokes, incomplete sentences, incorrect grammar and get into everyone’s business.  Next thing you know, they have started asking questions in real life about things they have seen posted on Facebook.  This has got to stop.

Facebook should go back to requiring at least a bachelor’s degree for membership, preferably  a minimum GPA of 3.2, and once one as procreated they need to resign, lest they become an embarrassment to their children.



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